Thursday, May 31, 2012

Timothy Dolan Authorized Payments to Abusive Priests, Documents Show

"Cardinal Timothy Dolan approved payments to suspected pedophile priests to leave the ministry when he was the archbishop of Milwaukee, new documents reveal..."
K Webster from nyc
Paying off an abuser so he can go elsewhere to molest other (not-Catholic?) unsuspecting children is NOT the high moral ground...despite the very excellent cost savings to the Church. I do believe Jesus would have not have weighed the financial costs to the Church but the moral ones. And his brand of justice looked quite different.
It is breathtaking how entitled this male dominated institution and it's mouthpieces harbor, reward and/or protect child molesting priests- all the while harassing Sisters who work behalf of the poor for being too "radical" on women's issues. These men have the temerity to claim the right to control women's bodies when they clearly cannot control their own nor their brother priests.
Abortion is not an easy choice for any woman - and men who have the gall to assume a high moral tone don't risk their lives to bear children. Take on the men in your ranks for their transgressions and we'll be more apt to listen to your issues with ours!
As for NPR bias, this news organization did stories on several examples of institutionalized pedophilia. Deal with the issue -not your feelings of victimization. k webster from NYC Sorry Ed from Larchmont, but even if you are right, this is still inexcusable. The Church is known for being authoritarian when it chooses. It could have immediately removed these men to a place where they wouldn't be in contact with children. There was no "rush" in that sense. Why didn't the Church hierarchy set up a center-away from children- to help them? Invariably these men had been targeted as children themselves. Instead, after the damage was done, they rid themselves of these clearly troubled men and sent them off to prey on other children. This didn't "end their obligations" - to anyone. How in any sense was this a morally acceptable solution?

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