Friday, August 17, 2012

Republican Women more targeted by sexism than Democratic women?

Opinion: Where the Ladies At, GOP?
"....Republican women are in a position of being the punching bag for media who love to hit. Michele Bachmann has her flaws but..."

my response:

K Webster from nyc
It is not acceptable and nor should it be tolerated to have any woman treated as less than fully human. It is hurtful and keeps every girl or adult woman from being ourselves and from lending our minds to creating solutions for our communities.

Sexism is run at any and every female, the more visible, the more she draws fire: focusing on a woman's hair, clothes, relationship to men, looks, motherhood status, perceived anger, perceived sexual appeal, etc. But Republican women are not more targeted by sexism than any other female. Hillary Clinton was viciously attacked as a female - remember?

As to the policies of some of the women the article focuses on - as a whole they are not helpful to most women (as mothers, workers, etc) in the lives we actually lead. Hence the party does not attract most women.

It's the policies of any party that is not attracting women's votes that need review. You can't posit a "special" victimhood for the women who uphold the values of a party that just doesn't have most women's interests at heart as an excuse for those policy failures.

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